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Trump Is Waging a Quiet War Against Civilians in Iran as the Coronavirus Pandemic Drags on



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With people in Iran already suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic and crippling US sanctions, the Trump administration earlier this month unveiled yet another set of sanctions that could restrict Iranians’ access to food and medicine even further.
This move has gone largely unnoticed in the United States, with the first presidential debate passing without mention of Trump’s disastrous “maximum pressure” policy on Iran. But for Iranians, it is impossible to ignore.
As the world confronts the global COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis, and the longstanding struggle for racial justice, American officials are denying Iran’s residents the right to health and access to medications and medical supplies by imposing new rounds of racist and violent sanctions. While the Trump administration has thoroughly failed to protect Americans from COVID-19, Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposition of open-ended economic sanctions in 2018 has expanded his destruction of the “right to health” beyond US borders.
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