President Donald Trump is poised to sign an executive order on social-media companies Thursday, escalating his war on Twitter Inc., although it remains unclear what it will entail.

Late Wednesday night, the Wall Street Journal reported a draft copy of the order would limit legal protections afforded to social-media companies, making it easier for federal regulators to hold companies liable for curbing users’ free speech. The aggressive order would be broad-reaching and revoke protections tech companies have under the 1996 Communications Decency Act that give them wide latitude in moderating content, and could lead to federal agencies withdrawing advertising contracts with companies found in violation, the Journal reported.

A White House spokesperson confirmed an order was forthcoming late Wednesday, a day after Twitter TWTR, -2.13% issued its first fact-checking warning label to some of his tweets.

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  1. B.P.

    Whatever. Free speech is a right that you have against the government. You don’t have “free speech” rights against private persons or entities, such as social media companies. As well, the constitution does not guarantee the right to compel other private persons or entities, such as social media companies, to provide a platform for whatever nonsense you want to spew.


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