Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, fire chief Kerri Donis, Assemblyman Dr. Joaquin Arambula, and other leaders provide tips on staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak in a new community service announcement.

All of the participants were sheltering in place and utilized teleconferencing to shoot the video.

Pastor DJ Criner and Fresno Center CEO Pao Yang also share their tips.

One from Criner stands out: “Check in with older neighbors and relatives to make sure they’re OK.”

Click on the video above to see their “Be Safe, Shelter-in-Place” message.

A hand-washing station at River Park Shopping Center. (GV Wire/Jahz Tello)


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  1. Cat

    How about you give us tips on how to feed ourselves and pay our bills with no income? Our savings is nearly depleted now and there is no end on sight. Also I’d like to know how dentists are not considered essential workers. We had to let go our employees because we couldn’t afford to keep paying them with no money coming in. People need care and we can help but our hands are tied. If it goes on much longer we may be financially ruined. With a high overhead and 4 years on a leased building. My husband has done community service and pro bono work for years and now you are hanging us out to dry!


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