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The Occupation Is Tearing Israel Apart. We Need the United States’ Help to End It.



Photo of Israeli border police scuffle with protestors
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Ami Ayalon is a former commander in chief of the Israeli Navy and former director of Israel’s Shin Bet security service. This article is adapted from a speech given at the J Street National Conference on Oct. 26.
As someone who has spent almost my entire adult life working for the security and best interests of Israel, I’m glad to see that a serious and robust discussion has broken out in American politics about the future structure of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent assertion about the legality of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories merely underlines the urgency of the need for a rethink.
Israel today faces tremendous challenges that threaten not only our security but also our democracy, and our national future. The simple truth is that we cannot surmount these challenges without the United States’ help, and without our ally speaking out honestly and unapologetically.

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