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All 50 U.S. States, Ranked By How Fun They Are. (Sorry, West Virginia)



Photo of a map of the United States with labels
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Let’s start the week off with a very serious question: Did you have fun over the weekend?
If a new ranking of the 50 states has any legitimacy, we can probably predict your answer based on where you were.
We’ve looked at this kind of thing before, of course: how happy each state in the country supposedly is (twice!), how friendly they are, how polite their people are, how intense their tax burdens are, heck even by average IQ.
But, fun translates into happiness, which means better health and longer life expectancy. So, personal finance site WalletHub did these rankings, considering how much money each state’s people spend on entertainment, what kinds of access they have to nature, and even how many movie theaters and restaurants there are (among other factors).

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