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Letter to the Editor: Young People Should Run for Office



Photo of young men and women in business attire at the starting line.
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Often, I think that young people feel discouraged from getting involved in our political process.
When I first started college, I was intimidated by all of the noise and big names thrown around Fresno who were involved in politics. But I cared. I wanted to make a difference, so I decided to spend my Saturdays canvassing and getting involved in local non-profits that could make a real impact.
Getting involved is an act of service. It starts with wanting to do something selfless. And while sometimes dealing with all of the bureaucracy and politics can be challenging, keeping the end goal in mind is key.
So, hop on a board. Get involved with a non-profit, political campaign, or legislative office. And who knows? Maybe you will want to take on a larger leadership role after that. We need more young people in politics who are willing to make a difference and propel the Central Valley forward to new heights.
To my peers, run for office.
Blake Zante
President, Associated Students, Inc.
California State University, Fresno