Guest Writers

Arlington National Cemetery

Honor Military Heroes By Ending Needless Secret Wars

Most people, when thinking of Memorial Day — if they don’t confuse it with Veterans Day — think of the start of the summer season or great sales at the stores and online. Yet the holiday is supposed to honor those who died in America’s wars. Even some of the l...
Teacher speaking in front of class

Teachers Deserve More Pay, Respect: Zakaria

Teachers in states across the country have walked out of classrooms in recent months to draw attention to low wages and a lack of support from lawmakers — and by extension, the voting public. In his May 18 c...
Flags of Israel and Palestine spattered with blood

Will the Gaza Events Further Polarize the Middle East?

By moving the U.S. embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, the United States has added complexity to a situation that was already chaotic. Washington’s move will not change the reality on the ground, as 62 Palestinians have been killed over the last few days. G...
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