Loch Ness Monster

DNA Samples Could Decide Loch Ness Monster Legend

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The stories seem as tall as the lake is deep. For hundreds of years, visitors to Scotland's Loch Ness have described seeing a monster that some believe lurks in the depths. But now the legend of "Nessie" may have no place left to h...
Flags of Israel and Palestine spattered with blood

Will the Gaza Events Further Polarize the Middle East?

By moving the U.S. embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, the United States has added complexity to a situation that was already chaotic. Washington’s move will not change the reality on the ground, as 62 Palestinians have been killed over the last few days. G...
Protesters take part in a march to parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Israel Faces Diplomatic Fallout After 59 Killed in Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel faced a growing backlash Tuesday and new charges of using excessive force, a day after Israeli troops firing from across a border fence killed 59 Palestinians and wounded more than 2,700 at a mass protest in Gaza. Turkey expel...
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