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Red Sox Manager Alex Cora Fired in Sign-Stealing Scandal

BOSTON — Alex Cora has already been identified as a ringleader in an illegal system of sign stealing when he was with the Houston Astros. The Red Sox didn't wait to see what punishment Major League Baseball might give him for possibly bringing a similar scheme with him to Boston....

2 Guilty in $1B Fraud as Feds Auction Burt Reynolds Trans Am

SACRAMENTO — Two employees of a San Francisco Bay Area solar energy company pleaded guilty Tuesday to participating in what federal prosecutors say was a massive scheme that defrauded investors of $1 billion. While the company’s owners have not been charged, they agreed to let the government auction their collection...

Parents Could Face Tax Charges, Big Fines in Admissions Scam

BOSTON — A wide-ranging college admissions cheating scheme allowed wealthy parents not only to get their kids into sought-after schools but to write off the bribes on their taxes, federal authorities say. Now some parents who are already facing possible prison time could be hit with additional criminal charges and...