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Will New Booze Sale Limits Chase Away Neighborhood Grocery Stores?

There could be fewer places to purchase alcohol in the city of Fresno in the future, potentially making "convenience stores" a little less convenient. In a longstanding effort to reduce the number of beer, wine and liquor merchants, the Fresno City Council is moving forward to finalize the Responsible Neighborhood...

Dyer Outlines Plans for Final Months as Chief

Jerry Dyer is on the final sprint to his Oct. 15 retirement date after 18 years as Fresno's police chief. He'll spend most of it on his hammock, metaphorically speaking. Politics 101 asked Dyer about the end of his term, as he transitions into a full-time candidate for mayor. What...

The Days of Rubber-Stamping Liquor Licenses Are Over

The shameful City Hall ritual of rubber-stamping liquor licenses finally faces its deserved demise. For decades, residents, school officials, and ministers have sought to convince city officials the last thing Fresno needed was another place selling booze. But their pleas invariably fell on death ears. Don't think of these places...