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Kanye West Premieres New 'Jesus Is King' Film, Album

INGLEWOOD — Kanye West has unveiled his "Jesus Is King" IMAX film, featuring a gospel choir performing at artist James Turrell's dramatic Roden Crater in the Arizona desert. It'll be in theaters nationwide for one week to coincide with Friday's release of an album with the same name. West premiered...

NFL Confident of Memorable Super Bowl at Inglewood Stadium

INGLEWOOD — The NFL committed the 2022 Super Bowl to the Los Angeles area back when the 298-acre stadium complex in Inglewood was still mostly a waterlogged hole in the ground. That hole has long since been filled by the skeleton of a massive arena, and thousands of workers are...

Metallica, Miley Cyrus Perform at Chris Cornell Tribute

LOS ANGELES — Many from Metallica and the Foo Fighters rocked on with electrifying performances as family members gave heartfelt speeches in memory of the late Chris Cornell. Cornell's wife, Vickey, stepped onstage struggling to speak at first. But after gathering herself, she eventually thanked everyone for their support and...