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Who Wants to Be Fresno Police Chief? Salazar Applies Again

Mark Salazar still wants to be Fresno's next police chief. As he did last year, the longtime captain applied for the position, Salazar tells Politics 101. Chief Andy Hall faces mandatory retirement next spring. He was the surprise winner in last year's search to replace the retiring (and now mayor-elect)...

Johnson's 'Small' Donors? They Include Big Labor.

At Monday’s (Feb. 11) Board of Supervisors forum, candidate Nasreen Johnson criticized Steve Brandau for taking developer contributions. “My campaign comes from folks like you, writing small contributions. That’s how I’m running my campaign. I’m not tied to any developers, and I truly have the voice of the people and...

Immigrant Committee Coming to Fresno. Legal Defense Fund Next?

In the first major social policy proposal of the year, the Fresno council will vote on creating an “Immigrant Affairs Committee” at Thursday’s (Feb. 14) meeting. The idea comes from council members Luis Chavez (District 5) and Esmeralda Soria (District 1). All signs point to its passage. Chavez said he...