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Bakersfield Doctors Sued for Refusing to Treat HIV Patient

The Justice Department sued two Bakersfield doctors on Thursday for refusing to provide routine medical care to a patient with HIV. "The Justice Department continues to work to end discriminatory and stigmatizing treatment of people with HIV based on unfounded fears and stereotypes," said Acting Assistant Attorney General John Daukas...

California OKs Pharmacists to Dispense HIV Prevention Meds

SACRAMENTO — Pharmacists in California will be able to dispense HIV prevention pills to patients without a doctor's prescription after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation Monday that supporters say will greatly reduce the spread of infection. Advocates of Senate Bill 159 say California is the first state to authorize pre-exposure...

Buttigieg, Once Cordial to Pence, Now Critical Amid Campaign

WASHINGTON — On the campaign trail, Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg blasts Vice President Mike Pence's cultural and religious conservatism. But as the mayor of Indiana's fourth largest city, his tone toward the state's Republican former governor was more muted. During the four years in which they overlapped in Indiana...