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NW Fresno Traffic is a Horror Show. How Would Council Candidates Fix It?

In northwest Fresno, "traffic" is a dirty word. Decades of piecemeal planning and years of rapid growth have spawned long lines of vehicles on major avenues during rush hour. There's a release valve planned for the plugged-up traffic surrounding Shaw and Herndon avenues, but it's been on the drafting board...

What Fresno Council Candidates Say About Homelessness

Candidates for the Fresno City Council's empty seat say one issue is consistently among the top concerns expressed by voters: the human suffering and public unease caused by homelessness. The city has more money than ever to spend on the problem, thanks to its share of a one-time injection of...

Candidates for Fresno Council Introduce Themselves

Fresno City Council candidates, tell us about yourselves. Three of the five men seeking to fill the council's empty seat and represent the city's northwest residents laid out their backgrounds and their ties to District 2 at a recent candidates forum. Attorney Jared Gordon, business owner Mike Karbassi, and special-needs...