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A Fare Proposal? Councilman Wants to Make Fresno Buses Free.

In his first major piece of municipal legislation, Fresno City Councilman Tyler Maxwell wants to remove fares from the city's bus system. Maxwell will introduce the Zero Fare Clean Air Act at next Thursday's council meeting. He already has two co-sponsors — Nelson Esparza and Esmeralda Soria. "Unprecedented times call for...

Future Parks Tax Could Be in Hands of Fresno Council

Fresno councilman Miguel Arias doesn’t want to wait on the mayor to figure out a successor plan to Measure P. So, he wants the council to take the next step. Now Arias wants to establish a parks and public safety committee, with a focus on determining a new tax proposal...

Fresno, Get Ready for Utility Rate Hikes

The Fresno City Council will start the process of raising utility rates at its meeting Thursday (Oct. 11). The overall rate would drop 13 cents next July and then gradually climb in 2020 through 2023. The city says the rates will continue to be among the lowest in the state....