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These Immigrants are Making Healthcare More Human

Immigrants, already essential  to California healthcare, will  become even more important in the future. Today, one in six medical professionals, and nearly one-third of physicians, are foreign-born, and many are bringing not just their labor but their ideas. Immigrants are responsible for one-fifth of all biomedical research and clinical trials. Immigrant Entrepreneurs are Improving Medicine That in turn makes us dependent on immigrant...

How to Help Small Business Owners Afford Health Care

Alma Beltran owns a successful small business, but that doesn’t mean she can afford health care for herself and her family. In fact, the Chula Vista entrepreneur, who is president of Graphic Image Label Inc., is facing a hard choice between the health of her loved ones and the health...

Immigrants Do Not Take Jobs. Truth is, They Create Jobs.

America cannot afford to turn its back on immigrants. Immigrant makers, doers, and dreamers create American jobs; innovators and laborers further U.S. competitiveness. The challenge for the United States, therefore, is to change the national discussion from “taking jobs” to “making jobs.” When that happens, the need for immigrants becomes...