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Wildlife Advocate 'Devastated' by Death of Another Endangered Gray Wolf in California

SACRAMENTO — An endangered gray wolf that wandered thousands of miles through Northern California has died, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Thursday. OR-54, a 3- to 4-year-old female with a radio tracking collar, was found dead on Wednesday in Shasta County, the agency said in a statement....

Voracious Rodents in Central Valley Set Off Alarms

LOS BANOS — One of the most recent threats to California's environment has webbed feet, white whiskers, shaggy fur and orange buck teeth that could be mistaken for carrots. "Boy, they're an ugly-looking thing," said David Passadori, an almond and walnut grower. "And the way they multiply — jeez." The...

Politics, Killings Stifle Wolf Recovery Amid Hefty Price Tag

RALEIGH, N.C. — Illegal killings and longstanding political resistance have undercut the return of two species of endangered wolves to the wild, frustrating government efforts that already cost more than $80 million but have failed to meet recovery targets. The number of red wolves roaming the forests of North Carolina...