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Group Prenatal Care Aims to Reduce Healthcare Disparities for Black Mothers

Before she became pregnant, Darnisha Wiley-Scott had been going door-to-door on the west side of Fresno surveying women about pregnancy and childbirth as part of a community project and study. “Come to find out that African-American women are more likely to have premature babies than any other ethnicity in Fresno....

California Moves To Consider Reparations for Slavery

SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers are setting up a task force to study and make recommendations for reparations to African Americans, particularly the descendants of slaves, as the nation struggles again with civil rights and unrest following the latest shooting of a Black man by police. The state Senate supported creating...

African American Reparation Bill Passes California Assembly

SACRAMENTO — A proposal to establish a task force to study and prepare recommendations for how to give reparations to African Americans passed the California Assembly on Thursday. The bill advanced with a 56-5 vote as protests nationwide over police brutality re-energized the movement for racial justice and activists pressed...