Joe Mathews

Photo of a scene from Frozen 2

Can We Survive the New Sequel to ‘Frozen’?

Our republic has survived the Civil War, the Great Depression, even the 2016 election. But can it survive the new sequel to Frozen? I doubt it. Joe Mathews Opinion While this decade has seen autocrats rise globally, no unelected ruler of the 2...
Picture of a female physician

These Immigrants are Making Healthcare More Human

Immigrants, already essential  to California healthcare, will  become even more important in the future. Today, one in six medical professionals, and nearly one-third of physicians, are foreign-born, and many are bringing not just their labor but their idea...
Composite of President Donald Trump and the California Capitol

Sacramento Should Look in the Mirror While Fighting Trump

As California builds its capacity to fight the Leviathan that is the Trump administration, does it risk turning our state government into a Leviathan of our own? This unhappy question occurred to me while reading Gary Gerstle’s recent history, Liberty and C...
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