Joe Mathews

Photo of an empty classroom

California Must Make Up Every Missed School Day

Not one day. Our kids should not lose one day of school, not a single day of instruction, to the coronavirus. Or to anything else. Joe Mathews Opinion Let me be clear: I’m not arguing against closing schools in the midst of the pandemic...
Photo of Panorama Vista Preserve, Bakersfield

From Bakersfield, You Can See Forever

From Yosemite Valley to the Golden Gate, California boasts extraordinary vistas. But if you’re looking for the most thought-provoking view in the state, skip the beaches and mountains, and head for Bakersfield’...
Photo of a scene from Frozen 2

Can We Survive the New Sequel to ‘Frozen’?

Our republic has survived the Civil War, the Great Depression, even the 2016 election. But can it survive the new sequel to Frozen? I doubt it. Joe Mathews Opinion While this decade has seen autocrats rise globally, no unelected ruler of the 2...
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