Joe Mathews

Photo of U.S. Constitution and American flag

Can California Save America From Itself?

“Go to my website or use the hashtag #LetsGetTheCalOuttaHere!” shouts Gwyneth Paltrow in the Netflix series The Politician. Running for governor on a platform of leading California’s secession from the United States, Paltrow’s character wins 98 percent of the ...
Photo of a disaster kit

California Should Lead the National COVID Response

America, I see you flailing —and failing —to respond to this pandemic. Why don’t you just let California handle it? No joke. In normal times, you wouldn’t want Californians running anything. While we are strong at creating culture and technology, our electe...
Photo of Panorama Vista Preserve, Bakersfield

From Bakersfield, You Can See Forever

From Yosemite Valley to the Golden Gate, California boasts extraordinary vistas. But if you’re looking for the most thought-provoking view in the state, skip the beaches and mountains, and head for Bakersfield’s Panorama Park. When you walk through this nar...

Visalia Catholics Think Big, and It’s a Wonderful Thing

It’s Christmas, and there’s no room at any of your town’s existing inns. You can’t open additional inns because you’re already running short of innkeepers. What to do? People in Visalia — who have a spirit rare in any season — might suggest building a bigge...
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