Joe Mathews

Photo of beach and town of Pismo Beach, California

In California’s Middle Kingdom, Life is SLO

SLO down, California. Even in pandemic, you move too fast. This new year, perhaps Californians should resolve to model the spirit of SLO, the acronym for San Luis Obispo County, perhaps the easiest place in ...
Photo of Elon Musk

Thank You, Texas, For Taking Elon Musk

Thank you, Texas, for taking Elon Musk off our hands. It may seem strange for California to not care as the world’s fourth-richest person relocates from L.A. to Austin. But we’re sanguine for two reasons: we recognize the hazards of living amongst the very ...
Photo of U.S. Constitution and American flag

Can California Save America From Itself?

“Go to my website or use the hashtag #LetsGetTheCalOuttaHere!” shouts Gwyneth Paltrow in the Netflix series The Politician. Running for governor on a platform of leading California’s secession from the United States, Paltrow’s character wins 98 percent of the ...
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