Photo of an employee at Amazon's fulfillment center in Fresno, California

Editorial: Fresno Needs Tax Incentives, Not SB 531

In a perfect world, Fresno and other inland California cities would not need tax-sharing incentives to convince major companies such as Amazon and Ulta to build distribution centers in their locales. But, as we know, the world isn't perfect. And in Calif...
Portrait of Gavin Newsom

Newsom Must Keep His Big Promise to the Valley: Editorial

Fred Ruiz eloquently stated earlier this year why the San Joaquin Valley needs representation on the University of California Board of Regents. "The San Joaquin Valley is the heart of California’s fertile agricultural region. It is home to more than 4 milli...

Editorial: Accurate Sex Education Is a Must for Valley to Thrive

There are people in the San Joaquin Valley — even some teachers and school board trustees — who believe that public schools should not provide sex education or do as little as possible. They will conjure up whatever excuse they can to avoid teaching "the fa...
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