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My Ability to Solve Problems Is Why I’m Running for Congress: Kyle Kirkland



Kyle Kirkland inside the newly relocated Club One Casino as renovations began in summer 2021. (GV Wire File/Jahz Tello)
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My name is Kyle Kirkland and I’m running for Congress in California’s District 20. I’m not a career politician, I don’t have the backing of a political machine and I’m not endorsed by anyone other than the people I’ve met throughout my career.

Kyle Kirkland


However, what I do have is four decades of experience identifying opportunities and solving problems, creating value for those who trust in me, and giving back to my community. For those reasons, I believe I’m the right candidate to represent the 20th District and effect real change in our district and in the nation’s capital. My special interest is you.

I believe that we deserve action and results from those in whom we invest our vote. As a long-time resident and business owner in the Central Valley, I know first-hand the challenges, frustrations, and opportunities we face. If you’re happy with the status quo — runaway costs of living, border chaos, government waste, and petty bickering — I’m not your candidate.

On the other hand, if you think Congress should focus on reducing inflation and government spending, enforcing immigration law, and working instead of tweeting, we have a lot in common.

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Some know me as the owner of Club One Casino and president of the California Gaming Association, advocating for an industry that supports California communities like Fresno with $5.6 billion of economic impact, almost 30,000 employees, and more than $500 million in annual tax revenue.

Others might know me as a board member of our renowned and beloved Fresno Chaffee Zoo delivering world-class exhibits with powerful, yet prudent use of Measure Z funding. And, still others might know me from my work with Kirkland Foundation, an animal rescue I founded to help reduce the Valley’s overpopulation problem.

I’m a Leader With a Record of Service to the Community

Throughout my career, I have identified problems and taken decisive action to solve them. When Club One was closed by the COVID-19 pandemic and our families were struggling, we moved into
an abandoned, blighted building in Granite Park and turned it into a thriving business. It employs more than 200 people, provides over $1 million in tax revenue to the city of Fresno, and has helped reduce area crime rates.

When I became aware of nauseating euthanasia rates in the Central Valley, I created an animal rescue to advocate for animal welfare and help over 1,500 animals each year get off the street and into loving homes. My foundation has also helped organize and fund the largest neuter events in the nation right here in Fresno and has inspired the county, city, and other communities to allocate resources to do the same.

Finally, when I saw the vision for the future of the Fresno Chaffee Zoo and how transformative it would be for the zoo, the education of young people, and the preservation of wildlife, I committed $1 million of my own money to spark the Centennial Campaign to help make the vision a reality for our community.

I’m running for Congress because I believe in the Valley — our families, our community, and our future. I believe it’s time to stop pushing our problems off to the next generation and take action to solve them now. With deep sincerity, I ask the voters of the 20th District to invest their vote in me, the only candidate experienced in delivering tangible results.

I’ll bring the same practical business thinking and relentless work ethic to solving our national problems that I have throughout my career. Invest your vote in me to
create a brighter, more prosperous future for the 20th Congressional District.

About the Author

Fresno area businessman and philanthropist Kyle Kirkland is a Republican candidate for the 20th Congressional District seat vacated by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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