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McCarthy Reportedly Tells Donors He’s Ready to ‘Get the Hell Out’ of Congress



Rumors suggest former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy may exit Congress, potentially destabilizing the GOP House majority. (Shutterstock)
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Whispers are growing louder that former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) might be ready to flip the board and call it quits. The rumor mill is churning with speculation that McCarthy, who once held the gavel with a firm grip, is considering an early exit from Congress.

The potential departure of McCarthy, who reportedly told donors he’s ready to “get the hell out,” could leave the GOP House in a precarious position. The Republican majority is already hanging by a thread, and losing McCarthy could further fray that delicate balance.

McCarthy, who once commanded the House with authority, now finds himself in the awkward position of being just another face in the crowd. The transition from leader to rank-and-file member has been anything but smooth, with tensions flaring and critics sharpening their knives.

The former speaker, who refers to his detractors as the “crazy eight,” has been accused of elbowing a fellow lawmaker in a narrow Capitol hallway, a claim he denies. Some members have expressed frustration with McCarthy’s attempts to undermine potential successors, arguing that his actions have eroded the sympathy he once enjoyed.

Despite the criticism, McCarthy has his supporters who laud his fundraising prowess and leadership skills. However, even they admit they wouldn’t blame him for wanting to leave the political battlefield.

As the clock ticks down to the filing deadline, McCarthy’s decision could have far-reaching implications for the GOP. His seat is a Republican stronghold, but his potential exit could create a power vacuum until a special election is held.

As one lawmaker put it, “The image in the rearview mirror is getting smaller by the day.” Whether McCarthy decides to stay in the race or hang up his political hat, one thing is clear: the GOP is in for a bumpy ride.

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