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ZeroEyes: AI Sentinel Bolsters Security at Michigan Capitol



ZeroEyes, an AI technology, enhances security at the Michigan Capitol by identifying firearms in surveillance footage, as explained by co-founder Sam Alaimo. (GV Wire Illustration/David Rodriguez)
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In Michigan, a new sentinel stands guard. This sentinel, however, is not a person, but a sophisticated piece of artificial intelligence technology known as ZeroEyes. This AI, a silent watcher, is designed to identify firearms, adding an extra layer of security to the Michigan Capitol grounds.

From Human Eyes to ZeroEyes: The Shift in Security

ZeroEyes, unlike the human eye, doesn’t tire or blink. It tirelessly scans surveillance footage from existing cameras, ever vigilant for the presence of firearms. “If someone pulls a gun out in front of one of those cameras, an alert will be sent from that location to our in-house monitoring center,” said Sam Alaimo, co-founder of ZeroEyes.

If confirmed, the alert is dispatched to the client and other designated parties, including law enforcement and 911 dispatch supervisors.

This technological innovation comes in the wake of several incidents where demonstrators brazenly brought firearms into the Capitol, even into the legislative chambers. The Michigan Capitol Commission, in a unanimous decision in 2021, banned open carry inside the building. Yet, the specter of these past incidents lingers, necessitating further security measures.

The Impartial Watcher

ZeroEyes is impartial, its focus solely on the firearm, regardless of who carries it. “Even if a golden retriever had a gun strapped to its back, ZeroEyes would alert us,” Alaimo adds, emphasizing the software’s objectivity.

Balancing Freedom and Safety

As we move forward, we must ask ourselves: How will we balance the need for security with the preservation of personal freedoms? And how will technology shape this balance?

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