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Bill Maher: The Real Deep State Buries Projects in Red Tape



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There really is a “Deep State,” opines Bill Maher of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

But it’s not the one MAGA Nation freaks out about. It’s the bureaucrats and permitting rules that make it impossible to build anything faster than a tortoise circling the globe.

“Last year, Wyoming began construction on the largest wind farm in North America that will power 2 million homes in Arizona, Nevada, and California,” Maher said. “And, to think, it only took 18 years. Not to build it. To approve it. Eighteen backlogged, knuckle-dragging, pencil-pushing, thumb-twiddling, ball-scratching years to finally get to ‘Yes.’

“When they started doing the paperwork, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend wasn’t even born.”

“How ironic. With all the talk about the urgency of switching to green energy, our Deep State of petty tyrants wasted almost two decades on permitting and nitpicking over the environmental impacts and social effects of the very thing that would most positively impact the environment.”

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