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Hill Hoppers Conquer Dusy-Ershim Trail, Help Maintain the Sierra



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Dust billows in the air like a fog lifting in the morning sunlight. The sounds of grinding metal and rock echo through the hillside. Adrenaline is high as the Hill Toppers traverse their way into the back country along the Dusy-Ershim OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Hill Hoppers traverse the Dusy-Ershim OHV Trail toward Eshim Lake (GV Wire/Chad Mooney)

Loud and slow. The 4-wheel drive club members methodically navigate the placement of their tires among the boulders that create the trail. Destination Ershim Lake. The Hill Hoppers Central Valley 4 Wheelers is among a select few clubs that get early access from the U.S. Forest Service-Sierra National Forest to help clear trail corridors, conduct volunteer trail patrols, and organize work parties to help with specific projects.

Jayce Anderson crests a large boulder in his purpose-built truck. (GV Wire/Chad Mooney)

Partnerships like these have been instrumental in the maintenance and improvement of the many recreational opportunities in the Sierra National Forest. Such teamwork has been essential, not only in providing thousands of hours of help each year to maintain trails, but also in leveraging and acquiring additional funding for trail improvement projects.

Bryce Anderson Leads the group along the Dusy-Ershim Trail. (GV Wire/Chad Mooney)

On a recent trip, the Hill Hoppers with the Fresno 4WD Club to maintain the upper section of the Dusy-Ershim Trail. Volunteering hundreds of man-hours, they cleared 200-plus fallen trees, repaired washouts, maintained campsites, and located and categorized an endangered toad for local biologists.

The OHV project manager documents fallen trees as the Hill Hoppers prepare to winch the trees down. More than  270 trees were cleared off of the OHV trails this season.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hill Hoppers or how you can join their efforts in maintaining local OHV trails, visit them on Facebook at Hill Hoppers Central Valley 4 Wheelers or

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