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Iranians Seek Democracy, Not a Return to Monarchy



Iran's feminist revolution, sparked by Mahsa Zhina Amini's murder, challenges the regime and deserves global support, says Hamid Yazdan Panah. (Shutterstock)
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Iran has seen a lot of resistance against its government recently, sparked by the murder of a Kurdish-Iranian woman.

There are varying perspectives on this issue with some people thinking this could lead to a feminist revolution, while others seem stuck in the past, like Lisa Daftari who wrote a piece for Newsweek suggesting that young Iranians want the return of the monarchy.

The former shah presided over a regime characterized by corruption and repression. Some observers argue that the failures of the current Islamic Republic are being used to prop up the monarchy’s image, though this is disputed. The shah, as some assert, set himself up for his own downfall by not being more tolerant or allowing for democratic change.

There appears to be a growing demand among Iranians for real freedom, not just a change of dictator. They’re chanting for democracy and equality, not the return of the monarchy.

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