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Confirmed: Marjorie Taylor Greene Shows Pornographic Images of the President’s Son at House Hearing



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene displayed explicit images of Hunter Biden at a House hearing, causing controversy and protests from Democrats. (GV Wire Illustration/David Rodriguez)
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Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, showed sexually explicit images of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, during a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing.

“I would like to let the committee and everyone watching at home know that parental discretion is advised,” Rep. Greene said before holding up the images.

This move was met with criticism from Democrats on the panel. The hearing was about Hunter Biden’s taxes and the IRS whistleblowers who claim the federal investigation into him was flawed. Greene suggested, without evidence, that the images were of Hunter Biden making pornography, which led to protests from other panel members.

Democrats called the display irrelevant, provocative, sensationalistic, and an assault on the committee’s dignity. Despite the controversy, the hearing continued to discuss the allegations against Hunter Biden.

The Republicans doubled down, posting Greene’s stunt on the committee’s GOP majority’s official Twitter account.

Greene and the Biden team have a history of conflict, often using each other for political gain.

More at The Washington Post.

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