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Valley Weather Is Postcard Perfect as Reborn Tulare Lake Grows to Tahoe’s Size



Though the high is expected to be 97 degrees on Sunday, the Valley forecast starting Monday calls for temperatures in the low 90s and high 80s through mid-June. (Shutterstock)
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After rocking California with a 1-2 punch in winter and spring, Mother Nature is delivering perfect weather ahead of summer’s official start on June 21.

While the high temperature in Fresno and other Valley communities could hit 97 degrees on Sunday, there are no triple-digit temps in The Weather Channel’s two-week forecast.

That’s good news for residents in the path of Sierra run-off and good news for families celebrating the end of the school year.

Tulare Lake Matches Lake Tahoe in Size

Following heavy rains and snow, Tulare Lake came back to life this spring, covering South Valley farmland.

The shallow gathering ground for floodwater can’t match the depth, clarity, and beauty of Lake Tahoe.

But it is nearly as big as the northern Sierra lake that draws visitors from all over the world throughout the year.

UC Davis atmospheric scientist Colin McCarthy tweeted Thursday that Tulare Lake now stretches 20 miles at its widest point.

McCarthy also observed that Owens Lake in the eastern Sierra is almost 25 square miles — the biggest it’s been in 110 years.

Stay Out of Valley Rivers

Before we go, a reminder that Valley rivers are dangerously swift and cold. Death can come in as few as 60 seconds following submersion. Stay out of rivers until the sheriffs in Valley counties give the all-clear signal.

Watch: Stay Out of Valley Rivers. Going in Could Cost You Your Life 

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