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Zakaria: China Is Weaker Than We Thought. Will We Change Our Policies Accordingly?



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It seems clear that China’s growth is stalling. The country that since 1978 has grown at an average of over 9 percent annually is projected to grow about 3 percent this year.

Some think tanks have postponed their projections for when the country’s economy would overtake the United States to become the world’s largest economy to 2030 or later. Some experts are now even suggesting that this might never happen.

The basic argument for a hyper-hawkish policy toward China has always been that China was rising fearsomely and that is what made it so dangerous. But prepare yourself for a new argument: China is declining precipitously and that is why it is so dangerous! So even if the facts are the opposite of what was previously asserted, the conclusion somehow remains the same.

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