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Massive Electric Trucks and SUVs Are the New Gas Guzzlers



A 2024 electric GMC Hummer. (
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While buyers of the massive electric trucks and SUVs being rolled out by Tesla, Ford, Rivian, and GMC might think they’re going “green,” the reality is something else.

Explains the popular global business website Quartz:

“As EVs get bigger, they consume more energy — and, indirectly, generate more carbon emissions. EVs charge their batteries by plugging into power grids, which generate most of their electricity by burning fossil fuels: Coal, oil, and natural gas account for nearly two-thirds of global electricity production. Until electric utilities transition from fossil fuels to renewable power sources like wind and solar — which, even under ambitious targets, won’t happen until the 2030s — the most extreme EVs will generate carbon emissions rivaling some hybrid and gas-powered cars.”

Read more from Quartz at this link.

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