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Time to Investigate the Hillary Clinton Campaign Machine



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From the night that Donald Trump won the election the Hillary crowd introduced the idea of Russian interference in the election. For the entire term of the Trump presidency we had to endure Adam Schiff and his cronies investigate the president. Schiff told the public that he had seen the proof and was going to shed light on the facts.

We had to put up with the Robert Mueller investigation and his solemn looking face. When Mueller finally released his report it showed that there was nothing to see in the way of Russian interference and that the documents were phony. The famous dossier was a sham and the back up to the story was that another media source quoted the dossier as a back up to the first story.

Steele Dossier and Russian Collusion

Trump and his folks kept insisting that it was fake news and that he had been spied upon. Leslie Stahl reminded the president on air that she was with “60 Minutes” and they don’t put stories on air without verification. Really? For four years CBS and the other media outlets reported the Steel Dossier and the other Russian collusion story with a sense of glee.

Bill Atwood


John Durham has been investigating the entire mess and his report that came out on February 11 showed that it was indeed the Hillary Clinton campaign that created the lie. It was the HRC campaign that paid for the dossier, as it was the HRC campaign that hired tech folks to spy on then-candidate Trump and even on Trump while he was in the White House.

Hillary and Bill have a reputation as a ruthless couple and this really doesn’t surprise folks who know them.

His sex scandals are ignored by his liberal base who claim to champion the cause of women everywhere. Does the name Monica remind you of the oral sex in the Oval Office? Does the name Jeffrey Epstein remind you of the many trips to Jeffrey’s island?

Hillary has used loyal staffers for many devious things and hopefully she will have to answer for these crimes against our political system and our country. One word of warning to those Clinton loyalists. Beware! People who have helped the Clinton’s do devious or questionable activities have a habit of “committing suicide”.

Media Soul Searching?

We have learned that it was her campaign that created the inferences that Trump was doing the work of Putin. How many millions of dollars were spent looking into this sham? How many lives were ruined with people being dragged through the courts answering false claims.

I think it is time for the media to do some serious soul searching regarding this case. The MSN outlets had nothing to report following John Durham’s bombshell. Silent as the grave!

The major media outlets want to attack the Fox News Network but there is a reason that the ratings show that Americans are leaving the MSN outlets. It is the lies and more lies and still more lies.

We watch as IRS employees can target conservative organizations and walk away with pensions and reputations intact. We watched the media mock the Trump supporters nightly. It is the role of the media to be the watchdogs for the people. Just show the facts and let folks decide.

Trump seems to be correct about the Swamp being a mess. Who is left to be trusted? I admire lower level FBI agents but certainly don’t trust the people at the top. The DOJ is now an attack arm of the Biden Administration. The CDC flip flops more than John Kerry ever did. The corrupted state of affairs at CNN is very sad to witness.

I lived through the Watergate scandal and it took time to return to some level of trust in our elected leaders. Nixon was held to account for his role in that scandal. Young Hillary served as a lawyer during that investigation. She knows right from wrong but ignores the rules. It is time for the investigation to center around the HRC machine.

It is time to lock her up.

About the Author

Bill Atwood is retired educator with a doctorate in public administration from the University of Southern California. He resides in Madera County and serves as a trustee with the Bass Lake School District.

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