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Burned by the Lincoln Project, Exiled by the GOP. What’s Next for This California Republican?



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In November 2019, California GOP strategist Mike Madrid got the national opportunity he’d waited two decades to put on his résumé when he joined a group of anti-Trump Republicans known as the Lincoln Project.

A year later, Madrid would leave the political action committee amid harassment claims against another co-founder and infighting over finances.

The veteran Latino voting trends expert is now in the political wilderness, cast out by Trump-supporting California Republicans and shunned by the state party for his public castigation of the former president.

Speaking to a Sacramento Bee reporter via a Zoom call from his second home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with a stone wall and stained glass windows as his background, Madrid said he’s still figuring out his next move.

He has no plans, however, to leave the national stage.

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