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CA Bill Would Ban Members of Hate Groups from Being Police Officers



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A bill making its way through the California Legislature would ban members of hate groups from being police officers.

Opponents say the bill, as written, is too broad and would also ban officers from expressing certain views.

Assembly Bill 655, also known as the California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform, or CLEAR Act, would require that a background check for law enforcement applicants include finding out if the candidate is a member of a hate group or has participated in hate group activities. If so, the candidate could be disqualified.

But conservative groups are pushing back against the legislation.

“I think everyone can agree that no one wants cops serving us who belong to violent hate groups, but this bill goes far beyond that. It actually goes after individual cops who simply have conservative social views on issues like marriage,” California Family Council Director of Capitol Engagement Greg Burt said. “I think there’s a mistake in assuming that Christians who have conservative views on moral issues are going to be a threat to folks who disagree with them.”

he bill is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Public Safety Committee on April 6.

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