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Twitter CFO Says Trump’s Ban is Permanent, Even if He Runs for Office Again



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Former President Donald Trump will not be permitted back on Twitter even if he runs again for office and wins, according to the company’s chief financial officer.

Asked during an interview on CNBC Wednesday whether Trump’s tweeting privileges could be restored if he wins the presidency again, CFO Ned Segal clarified that Trump’s ban is permanent.

“The way our policies work, when you’re removed from the platform, you’re removed from the platform,” he said, “whether you’re a commentator, you’re a CFO, or you are a former or current public official. Remember, our policies are designed to make sure that people are not inciting violence, and if anybody does that, we have to remove them from the service and our policies don’t allow people to come back.”

Twitter’s decision to ban Trump came amid a flurry of other tech company enforcement actions against his accounts, including Facebook’s decision to prohibit Trump from posting “indefinitely” and YouTube’s decision to begin issuing strikes to Trump’s video channel.

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