Did Twitter block access to KMJ radio’s account over an interview with Valley Congressman Devin Nunes?

The Fresno news and talk station (580 AM, 105.9 FM) thinks so.

On Friday, KMJ (580 AM, 105.9 FM) host Ray Appleton interviewed Nunes, when the legislator made a stunning revelation.

“So, I actually tested positive for the COVID antibodies,” Nunes said.

Several other media outlets pounced, reporting that Nunes revealed he contracted the COVID-19 virus. Blake Taylor, the stations’ program manager, said he responded to some national journalists on Twitter with clarity of what Nunes actually said.

“Almost immediately, Twitter temporarily suspended the KMJNOW Twitter account with no explanation.  Our blackout lasted about 20 minutes.  When I tweeted @Twitter for an explanation, I received no response,” Taylor said.

GV Wire℠ reached out to Twitter for a response, but did not receive one as of time of publication.

Nunes Advocates for Blood Donations

During his interview with Appleton, Nunes encouraged listeners to donate plasma, especially if they have had COVID. The congressman echoed the same themes as part of his 2020 reelection campaign.

“I just spent the last several hours giving blood plasma … I actually tested positive for the COVID antibodies. When that happened, the doctor said you need to give plasma right away so I wanted to make sure we kept it here in the Valley. And, I’ll tell you, I was a little alarmed,” Nunes said during the interview.

Taylor said many national outlets picked up on the story including the New York Times, Associated Press and CNN. GV Wire also covered the story.

2 Responses

  1. Ron Sherrin

    You can’t believe a word that is said by Ray Appleton or his love child, Nuned. Disgraceful, disgusting and shameful, KMJ 580 – “The Cult”.

    • Debbi Andrews

      Hmmm, Ron, and you’re free to post your opinion. Not so much others that disagree? That’s the point of this article. You have not been asked to join this “cult”, or qualified what makes it disgraceful, disgusting and shameful to you.


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