At least four restaurants in Old Town Clovis are continuing to offer either outdoor and/or indoor dining to their patrons in defiance of California’s regional stay at home order.

GV Wire℠ was in Old Town Thursday afternoon and saw a tent set up outside of ‘Blast and Brew‘, people eating inside and outside of House of JuJu, diners entering and exiting from the ‘Old Town Cafe‘, and right next door – Luna’s Pizzeria had shades in their window and signs explaining their ‘peaceful protest.’

Clovis officials says they’ve “provided the requirements of the regional stay at home order to businesses, along with any resources to assist them during this time.”

Andy Haussler, the city’s community and economic development director also said, “The city has not issued fines to businesses owners.”

Instead, Clovis is deferring to other entities on enforcement, he said.

The Streets of Old Town Clovis

GV Wire℠ noticed most people were wearing masks while strolling through the various shops, restaurants, and sidewalks throughout Old Town Clovis.

While walking south on Pollasky Ave. the first restaurant we noticed was Luna’s Pizzeria. The shades were all drawn, door closed, and a menu out front indicated that diners must walk inside to be seated.

A sign on the door of Luna’s read, “Hello and Welcome to Luna’s Pizzeria’s peaceful protest. Please feel free to join in at your own free will.”

Another sign on the front wall of the business next to the shaded window. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

Next Door to Luna’s Pizzeria

Right next door to Luna’s Pizzeria is the ‘Old Town Cafe’. A peek inside revealed people sitting at what appeared to be socially distanced tables. Folks were coming and going through the front door, some did not have masks on, but the majority did.

Patrons walking in and out of Old Town Cafe in downtown Clovis. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

House of JuJu & Blast and Brew

A little further down Pollasky we came to the patio area in between the House of JuJu and Blast and Brew.

As expected, there were many people dining inside the House of JuJu. Co-owner Julie Glenn has been outspoken throughout the pandemic that she believes people should have a choice of whether to dine-in or not. Some outside seating was also being utilized by customers. In August, Glenn told GV Wire℠ “This isn’t about the money any longer. It’s about taking a stand for our freedom.”

About a dozen or so people were sitting in the middle patio area having conversations.

Next door, Blast and Brew had an outdoor tent set up that was being used by a few people. It appeared those in the tent were spread out and social distanced.

Blast and Brew says they are only utilizing the patio area for customers waiting on ‘to go’ orders and not serving any customers seated there. The restaurant says customers get their food and can then choose to eat under the tents, or in Centennial Plaza or wherever they choose to do so.

Outside diners and people standing in the patio area near House of JuJu in Old Town Clovis. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

Diners eating in an outside tent next to Blast and Brews in Old Town Clovis. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

City of Clovis Approach

“Our local businesses, which have been struggling with the uncertainty of being able to operate, have been impacted heavily during the most recent regional stay at home order issued by the state,” said Haussler. “Unfortunately, this came at the critical holiday season that many businesses depend on for financial viability.”

Haussler says the city will continue to assist small businesses as they work to navigate through, “the maze of restrictions.” The city wants to make every attempt to keep the businesses financially viable while at the same time protecting the health of the community,” he said.

As for enforcement?

“We will continue to rely on the state and county agencies for enforcement, except in egregious cases where the state and county fails to act, and continue to educate and support our business community,” Haussler said.

(Story updated with information provided by ‘Blast and Brew’)

30 Responses

    • Robbie

      Shame on Ron. I will continue to patronize local establishments that value freedom; you, Ron, are free to continue to give your freedom away.

  1. Paul

    When it comes to getting the covid vaccine , place them and half-wits like Gomes at the end of the line!

  2. John H

    What an embarassment to the community these restaurants and those supporting them are. I wont go near Clovis until this is over. Thanks for not lifting a finger to help the rest of the community as continue to remain locked down in our homes while counting the skyrocketing number of infections and death. Thanks for completely not caring about health care workers risking their lives while working hours upon hours to save us. Thanks for nothing.

    • Joan

      So if someone is eating at a table 10+ feet from you with plexi glass in between your going to get Covid? You chose to ignore the part that people are wearing masks and being careful, and also trying stay in buisness to feed their families and employees families. Why do you assume that eating in a restaurant is any different than being in Walmart with even more people? Because you have a magic mask on your face? You hear indoor dining and flip out like they are the reason this is spreading. San Francisco follows all the rules and they’re Covid cases are bad too.
      I’m sure Clovis isn’t much of a tourist attraction and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you chose to go to San Francisco instead.
      Oh wait, your not suppose to be traveling, because it spreads the virus. So why would you go to Clovis? Or are you allowed to break the rules you want, while criticizing others.
      Hypocrites that blindly follow the herd without evaluating where information is coming from is an embarrassment.

    • William

      They are a symbol of standing your ground against sensenseless dictator policies that Newsom himself doesn’t follow.
      If box stores, Lowes, Local malls not to mention airlines can pack people in why not restaurants? All they are asking for is the data to support this crazy rules and in true Newsom fashion he has no data but declares emergency executive order.
      Defend your communities or stay home live in fear behind a mask collecting government money.

    • Deb S

      You really should educate yourself by doing your own investigation and not just listen to the mainstream news! Do you really believe the numbers are what they lead you to believe? Do you go to Costco or Walmart or any grocery store etc? Do you? A restaurant is probably one of the safest places. Even more than church where everyone loves to hug…i guess no one dies of cancer, heart attacks, flu, car accidents or anything else any more…just covid right? Educate yourself

  3. Chrissy

    For clarification purposes, Blast and Brew is not serving on the patio. They are open for take out only, but allowing customers to choose where they would like to enjoy their take out…at home, at the park, in centennial plaza, or under the tents.
    Restaurants are struggling. Accurate reporting is essential.

  4. Debbie

    Don’t go to these places if you are concerned about the virus. They are trying to make a living. Give them a break!

  5. Amy Overton

    There is no data that says people are getting the virus from dining outside. Kudos to the owners and patrons for keeping these businesses open!

    • Burt Reynold's Mustache

      Agreed… Just ask Gavin Nuisance, he can tell you about the data regarding viral transmission while dining outdoors…shoulder to shoulder…. with no masks on..

      Oh and apparently COVID doesn’t spread into Target, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Smart and Final, Fashion Fair Mall, Kohl’s… etc.

      …Oh, Apparently COVID comes out after 10 pm too. Can’t forget that.

      • Elida

        Well said! If these politicians would not get a pay check month after month, I doubt it if we would be on a lockdown. According to the science if you contract Covid, you have 99.8% of surviving.

  6. Mike G

    Freedom and Liberty for ALL. This means each American has the right to make their own choices. If I choose to dine in at a restaurant, then I make the choice and take the risk. There is no proof or certainty that indoor dining is a high risk to you or anyone else. Why do we think it is okay to destroy the livelihood of business owners and employees over a virus that has not proven to be as deadly and promoted? As for the vaccine. I’m happy to never receive it!!

  7. Lisa

    I support the Clovis businesses 100%! If you don’t want to “peacefully protest”, you don’t have to participate. I LOVE my town!

  8. Andrea

    I feel for the owners and their employees. But the Luna’s sign about free will sounds nice until you consider that exercising your free will to be in crowded spaces of mixed households risks infecting vulnerable people that did not choose to enter that business and are trying harder to protect their families and community. Are the public health authorities just supposed to do nothing Clovis? Probably some of the same folks who complain about paying taxes ! How about sign a contract upon entry – insurance won’t cover your risky behavior, no hospital, or vaccine for your or your household. Please get takeout folks and tip the staff generously!

    • Hypocrisy USA

      Just as how some insurances such as ACA shouldn’t cover some pre-existing conditions… Especially if they’re 500lbs. That wasn’t my fault they wanted to eat McDonald’s every day and now they are in their 30’s riding around a little scooter at the supermarket with Type I and Type II diabetes…probably even a Type III that hasn’t been discovered yet.

      I can almost guarantee you have been out. I can guarantee you’ve been out at some point prior to this, while sick with a cold, walking around people tethered to oxygen tanks in a store. Those people could have COPD and you put them at risk. A cold to them is 10x as worse. What about people with immunodeficiency disorders prior to COVID?

  9. Carin

    So proud of these businesses standing up for our freedoms! If people don’t feel comfortable, they are welcome to not go to these restaurants or other public venues.

  10. Ronald Dressler

    They are all on my list of restaurants to visit and support. I support them 100%. Show me the scientific evidence that supports this shut down of specific businesses. While, Newsome’s friends and his winery, in Napa stay open. I know the numbers and believe about 2% of them. If you don’t want to go, stay home

  11. Aaron Wright Draper

    I joined the peaceful protest at Luna’s on Saturday night. The eggplant special was delicious. Golly, I hope it was worth it to brave catching a virus with a 99.7 survivability rate for those who even present symptoms! For those of you tut-tutting those who go out, I have a solution: PLEASE stay inside, out of harms way. Do not go out! The rest of us will do the heavy lifting of running the country for you. Cower inside until we all die off and then you can come out. WIN-WIN, You will be safe, we will be free. Simple right?

  12. Mike Kirby

    Clovis Way of Life! Love it and support these businesses 100%! Just wish more of em would open up.

  13. Richard Wahl

    Look up Atilis Gym in New Jersey. They stayed open all through the “pandemic”. 500 to 700 people workout there every day. 83,000 visits by customers this year and not one case of the virus originating from the gym. Wake up people. This is not about your health. The California Health Department just stated, that the shut down of restaurants is not about preventing infection. They said the goal is to force people to stay home. Sacramento refuses to release the alleged “science” behind the shut downs. They cannot prove that restaurants being open spreads the virus, so they do not want the data released. John MacArthur’s church has 7000 people attending, and they had 3 infections and no deaths. If people meeting together spreads the disease, why are there no more infections among 7000 people?

  14. Bella

    They are not packed full of people! Just because they are inside doesn’t mean they are packed full of people. They are offering outdoor seating as well. They are offering people a choice. I went there last weekend to pick up a gift card so that my parents could order take out. I was more than 6 feet from any other customers while purchasing the giftcard. I am closer to more people when I’m at Target or the gas station. We choose not to dine in because we don’t want to take the risk. But I don’t judge others for trying to stay in buisness and are doing it carefully. These are small buisness trying to stay employed.
    People seem to think that you either live in fear of the virus or think it’s a scam. There are a large amount of people in the middle. People in Clovis are being careful, ie, everyone wearing masks, tables are distanced. But Clovis isn’t going to let all of it’s small buisness in its town go under. And like most cities, its law enforcement is focused on the increase in actual crime, not criminalizing small business owners.

  15. Hermosa

    If you chose to go out in public, thats fine, go out and get your cheeseburger BUT you should not be worried about the availability of the vaccine, leave it for people who actually care about the safety of other people and who care about the impact this virus has on our hospitals. So eat your cheeseburger wherever you want but you are a hypocrite if you line up for the vaccine. So stupid

  16. James

    Dine in, open restaurants. We are putting businesses out of business, people are losing their livelihood. Be smart when you go out.


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