A raid on a Tower District shop selling cannabis products without a license last week resulted in the seizure of close to a million dollars in products and cash, authorities said Monday.

Agents from the state Bureau of Cannabis Control Enforcement Unit along with Fresno police and code enforcement inspectors served a search warrant on Thursday at California Medical Brokers Dispensary on Olive Avenue in Fresno. According to the BCC, the store was operating as an unlicensed dispensary.

Marijuana Buds, Edibles and Cash Seized

The search warrant resulted in the seizure of cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles with an estimated retail value of $945,423, said BCC spokesperson Alex Traverso in an email to GV Wire℠. In addition, agents seized $10,033.00 in cash and an illegal firearm from the property, Traverso said.

Tower District Smoke Shop Raided in 2019

This isn’t the first major bust in Fresno by the BCC.

On September 25th, 2019 investigators immediately responded to the scene and obtained a search warrant for 710 Smoke Shop, another Tower District store. They discovered and seized approximately 2,200 counterfeit vape cartridges and packaging for an additional 4,000 vape cartridges.

KSEE-24 reported at the time a request for comment from the store went unanswered –  but one of the employees there confirmed that the business remained open after the raid took place.

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  1. Kara

    I’m disgusted in this city. It’s legalized statewide but they put red tape around it and then abuse their power. When you outlaw something that’s legal, you create and stoke a black market for it. But when you profit from that red tape, you’re no better than the people you prosecute. I hate this town. All the money goes to cops that don’t show up to calls, and we have nothing for children and families while the homeless are living along freeways and under overpasses.

    • Steve

      The average consumer doesn’t understand the politics behind it. After some confusion about “what happened to our shop with the fire treez?” they will go to the next illegal dispensary.

      The city of Fresno has plans to maybe allow 14 retail stores by 2022 after all kinds of hoops and fees are paid. The sad thing is if you were actually in business it would be easier to pay the fees.

    • William

      Kara you can always move. Your rant is missing many things like facts. Take a look at the 2 non Fresno geniuses that are trying to roll out the legalized pot dispensaries.
      They believe it will generate $500k 8n tax revenue but have no accounting for the illegal activity and drug addiction that will follow legalization of pot.
      Hell they can’t figure out how to measure DUI for impaired pot smokers .
      Your ” hate” is unfounded and lacks merit. Furthermore it will not get rid of the cheaper illegal drugs on the street.
      Legalizing it doesn’t mean crime will disappear bkack market dealers will always exist whether you hate Fresno or not is irrelevant.
      Lastly, who’s district did this fraud take place in? Maybe the 2 geniuses on the city council pushing for legal pot dispenaries should show this much attention and support for the small businesses closing down in their districts.
      Alias, they will just claim accountability is ” racist”

      • Brenda A Linder

        The “two geniuses” who started down this path are not on the council any longer and were a conservative and one who claimed to be a libertarian. Blame the two who remain, if you must, but acknowledge the two who brought us here.

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