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20 Republican Former US Attorneys Endorse Biden, Call Trump "A Threat to the Rule of Law"



Photo of Attorney General William Barr, left, and President Donald Trump
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Twenty Republican former U.S. attorneys on Tuesday endorsed Joe Biden while saying that “President Trump’s leadership is a threat to the rule of law” in the U.S., the Washington Post reports.
What they’re saying: In the letter, the former prosecutors criticize Trump’s use of the Department of Justice, saying the president expects the DOJ “to serve his personal and political interests.”
– “He has politicized the Justice Department, dictating its priorities along political lines and breaking down the barrier that prior administrations had maintained between political and prosecutorial decision making,” the letter says.
– The letter adds that Trump “undermined the Department’s ability to unify and lead our nation’s law enforcement by picking political fights with state and local officials in a naked effort to demonize and blame them for the disturbances in our cities over the past several months.”
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