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The Weirdest Places You Can Spend the Night in California



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Sure you could stay in a hotel (boring) next time you go on a California road trip, but why on Earth would you do that when you could sleep on an ocean liner? Or in a caboose?? Or, you know, inside a HUMAN NEST???

That’s right: there are a whole bunch of weird places you can sleep in (and on) in this cool state of ours. Get ready to have the way you road trip forever changed.

A Human Nest
Big Sur
Per night: $150
Some might think of this as a tree house, but the Treebones Resort in Big Sur actually refers to this one-of-a-kind “room” as a “human nest.” You’ll climb a ladder to get inside (with your sleeping bag and pillows) and sleep on a full size futon mattress. And it’s not weatherproof, so you’re pretty screwed if it rains. And there’s a two-night minimum, so if after one night your back is so sore you can’t move, you’re totally stuck. But seriously, thanks to the woven wood, it really is just like sleeping in a nest. And the views are unbeatable. Plus, there’s a lodge restaurant so you won’t even have to get up early to find your own worms.

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