As Gov. Gavin Newsom and the State of California attempt to establish rules of operations for a bevy of industries during the coronavirus pandemic, one particular set of rules may ruffle a few feathers.

We regret to share that buffalo chicken wings do not constitute a meal, per the State of California.

As part of clarifying the definition of a meal for purposes of allowing bars to remain open or closed under Newsom’s shutdown orders, the state’s Alcoholic and Beverage Control announced a litany of items that are disqualifying as a “meal.”

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3 Responses

  1. Rita Cox

    This Gov. has lost his mind! Who died and made him the food police?! Next thing he will do is kick all the chubby folks out of Cali because they dont fit the California image of what Cali people are supposed to look like! Don’t laugh ya’ll it could come to this! Lets see what Newsom comes up with next!

    • OceanDragon

      @RitaCox. That may not be a bad idea. People who do not take of themselves cost the medical community billions of dollars in health care and nutritional programs. The cost for Medicare to cover part of these expenses are horrific. The government steps in when people cannot accomplish things on their own for their own good. That is why we have driving laws such as drunk driving penalties, seat belt laws, motorcycle helmet laws, texting laws, etc. We even have to print that cigarettes are dangerous on the packages to try and inform people that smoking is hazardous to ones health. He is not grading chicken wings, he is trying to have people order legitimate food while at a bar. Some bars try and open by saying they have dining by serving cold hot dogs or in this case chicken wings. It is a technicality, but helps to decrease the spread of the virus in bars, which is tracked to be a dangerous place for cross-contamination.

      • Richard Parker

        Let me guess? You’re the same type of person who wants free health care for everyone? You’re willing to pay for everyone’s’ healthcare, just not if they are fat? Also, how is chicken wings where the line is drawn? Chicken wings are a healthy source or protein, generally no carbs, and depending on how they are made have a good amount of fat. Remember that fat isn’t the problem, it’s carbs. Chicken wings are healthier than a sandwich 1000%. This is an abuse of power, if you think that cops abuse their power, but this is fine then you’re (messed up) in the head. Libs are ruining this country.

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