For the first time in 74 years, Hume Lake Christian Camps had to cancel its summer camps because of the ongoing pandemic.

“We’ve enacted a spending freeze and a hiring freeze. We have tapped our reserve accounts, and unfortunately we were not able to hire over 400 summer staff.”— Hume Lake Executive Director Dathan Brown

Despite transitioning to virtual camps, officials say the organization has lost $19 million in revenue. That represents about 80% of the annual budget.

“In response to this crisis Hume has taken a number of significant steps,” said executive director Dathan Brown in a social media post. “We’ve enacted a spending freeze and a hiring freeze. We have tapped our reserve accounts, and unfortunately we were not able to hire over 400 summer staff.”

Dozens of part-time staffers had to be laid off.

“In addition, we had to lay off and furlough a number of our full-time staff,” said Brown.

What We've Lost and What Happens Next

We never thought in our wildest dreams that we would be asking for this type of funding to stay afloat, especially during a time when so many others are hurting. Hume is in dire need and we humbly ask for your help. In the video, Executive Director Dathan Brown walks through the current situation at Hume and how you can help. Donate via the link below.

Posted by Hume Lake on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Hume Relief Fund

Leaders created what they’re calling the Hume Relief Fund in hopes of raising $6 million by the end of November to get through this season.

Anyone with questions about the relief effort can contact Aubrie Wright, 305-7425.

The Well’s Brad Backs Hume Relief Fund

On June 16, pastor Brad Bell of The Well Church in Fresno posted a video that helped kick off the fundraising campaign.

“The model of Hume Lake builds really on the summers not only being the place really where tens of thousands of kids hear the gospel and place their faith in Jesus, but it’s also the economic engine that drives what Hume does throughout the rest of the year,” said Bell.

Bell encourages anyone that already put down a deposit for summer camp to utilize that money for the Hume Relief Fund.

A pastor's plea for Hume

For the first time in 74 years, we have had to make the painful decision to shut down our summer camps. This comes at a great cost to our ministry. We absolutely trust that God's Word will accomplish all that He desires. However, we believe Jesus does amazing things on the camp "mountaintop," and we want to continue proclaiming the gospel at Hume for decades to come!And so, we are asking for your help. Please take a moment to watch this video as Pastor Brad Bell of The Well Community Church in Fresno, California, shares his heart about Hume and how you might help us during this keep Hume Lake and camping ministries like ours in your prayers!

Posted by Hume Lake on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

History of Hume

Founded in 1946, Hume Lake Christian Camps is a year-round youth camp and adult retreat center featuring programs for churches, schools, teams, and groups.

In the summer of 1946, 670 campers attended Hume Lake Conferences and were attended by 15 volunteers.

The lake is at 5,200 feet about 50 miles east of Fresno. It is in the Sequoia National Forest near the west entrance to Kings Canyon National Park.


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