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Police Raid House of Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple and Confiscate the AR-15 Brandished During Confrontation with Black Lives Matter Protesters



Photo of armed homeowners
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Police executed a search warrant and seized the rifle brandished by a St. Louis man when Black Lives Matter protesters marched through his gated community.

On Friday, authorities searched the home of lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who made headlines on June 28 when a video went viral showing them waving firearms at protesters who had massed outside their home.

The search turned up the AR-15 that had been held by Mark McCloskey, while a handgun brandished by Patricia McCloskey was already in possession of her attorney, according to reports.

No charges have been filed against the couple. The McCloskeys have said that they were in fear of the protesters and were protecting their home when they were seen pointing firearms at the crowd.

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