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Opinion: When My Daughter Called Israel an Apartheid State, I Objected. Now, I’m Not So Sure



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Please look closely at America, Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Look at its cities and towns, whose streets are flooding with protesters calling for transformative justice and an end to state-sanctioned violence against innocent civilians.

Look at New York’s 16th Congressional District, where Eliot Engel, a staunch congressional Israeli ally for more than 30 years, was recently ousted by Jamaal Bowman, a progressive black educator who told Jacobin magazine he doesn’t “understand why American taxpayers are subsidizing the detention of Palestinian children while Democrats are criticizing child detention at the Mexican border.”

Look, and you’ll realize that more than 50 years of Israeli control of Palestinian life in the West Bank and Gaza and the expansion of Jewish settlements are steadily eroding America’s historic embrace of Israel.

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