Complaints involving social distancing, being open during ordered closure, and price gouging hit Fresno businesses since the city declared a state of emergency on March 18.

This list provided by City Hall includes all complaints, notices, and fines:

Social Distancing

Social distancing complaints: 576

Social distancing noticed/educated: 436

Social distancing citations: 6 fines of $250

  • Dog House Grill, 2789 E. Shaw Ave.
  • WinCo Foods,  4488 W. Shaw Ave.
  • Walmart, 7065 N. Ingram Ave.
  • Walmart, 4080 W. Shaw Ave.
  • Clawson Motorsports, 6334 N. Blackstone Ave.
  • Bobby Salazar’s, 725 E. Olive Ave.

Open Business Complaints

Open business complaints: 1,139

Open businesses noticed: 408

Open business citations: 20 fines of  $1,000

  • High Society Smoke Shop at 1124 W. Shields Ave.
  • 559 Cigarettes and More, 1219 Fresno Street
  • A Better Bed, 2686 N. Clovis Ave., suite 106
  • A&W Surplus, 3330 N. Duke Ave.
  • Smoke Zone, 3777 N. Hughes Ave.
  • The Spot Smoke Shop, 5665 N. Blackstone Ave.
  • Dre36 Gym, 2940 E. Nees Ave., suite 01
  • Satyr Vapor, 7016 N. Maple Ave.
  • Tint Pros, 6155 N. Blackstone Ave.
  • Furniture For You, 5193 N. Blackstone Ave.
  • Crazy Bernie Furniture, 4224 W. Shaw Ave.
  • Brothers Barbers, 2046 W. Bullard Ave.
  • Halo Jiu-Jitsu, 3980 N. Chestnut Ave.
  • Waffle Shop, 4025 W. Figarden Drive
  • Wine Barrel, 1105 E. Champlain Ave.
  • Elbow Room, 731 W. San Jose Ave.
  • Warrior Fitness, 8039 N. Cedar Ave.
  • Club Pilates, 7735 N. Blackstone Ave., suite 101
  • The Shanty, 375 E. Shaw Ave.
  • Mr. Manicure & Co., 4974 E. Ashlan Ave.

Fern Cowdin, assistant manager of High Society Smoke Shop spoke to GV Wire℠ by phone. “We were open one day longer than we were supposed to. We’re all good now,” said Cowdin.

A few open businesses received fines of $5,000

  • Crazy Bernie Furniture, 4224 W. Shaw Ave.
  • The Spot Smoke Shop, 5665 N. Blackstone Ave.
  • Waffle Shop, 4025 W. Figarden Drive
  • Warrior Fitness, 8039 N. Cedar Ave.
  • Club Pilates, 7735 N. Blackstone Ave., suite 101

Waffle Shop in northwest Fresno was fined for being open during COVID-19 closure order. (GV Wire Jim Jakobs)

Price Gouging Complaints

Price gouging complaints: 418

Price gouging citations: $10,000, Super Liquor, 4045 W. Figarden Drive


3 Responses

  1. Gil Soto

    I am a local business, that sells FDA approved PPE. I have called 5 times to Code enforcement and left messages for Mr.Horton “who doesn’t hear a who”, director/manager. People set up on every street corner selling cloth, unsanitary masks for $5+ . I stopped and asked if they have a license to do so. Answer every time: “HELL NO. With the corona going on , no one checks. Its all cash, baby, all cash” . WHERE IS CODE ENFORCEMENT?!! Harassing and fining legitimate tax paying businesses. MR. HORTON WHERE IS MY RETURNED PHONE CALL PROMISED BY YOUR EMPLOYEE, GINA? *crickets*crickets*crickets* MR. MAYOR, are you still there? Fog up the mirror and let me know you are still alive.

  2. Bill

    Turning civilians into snitches is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. Next , Arias will be offering money to snitches. How is it even enforceable when Fresno PD and the Sheriff have both publicly stated tgey wouldn’t be enforcing it. ..No wonder the businesses in Fresno dislike Miguel Arias I wonder if he can even show up at any Fresno establishments most have stated they will ask him to leave.
    All the more reason to continue shopping in Clovis, Madera where your money is welcomed hassle free without antifa steeet police.
    Code enforcenent? They have shirked their duties on the street vagrency health issue trast everywhere on Ventura & E streets. They better not enter any businesses they will be thrown out.


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