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Police Union Trying to Stop California City from Naming Officer Who Shot Latino Man



Photo of "police line do not cross" with blurred lights in the background
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Police union lawyers have filed a temporary restraining order to prevent the release of the name of an officer involved in the fatal shooting of a 22-year-old Latino man in Vallejo, court records show.
Sean Monterrosa was shot in the early morning on June 2 outside a Walgreens store. Officers were responding to a report of looting at the store. The officer fired five shots through his patrol car’s windshield, killing Monterrosa, said Vallejo police Chief Shawny Williams during a press conference.
The officer mistook a hammer near Monterrosa’s waist for a gun, Williams said.
Vallejo officials said that the city intends to oppose the restraining order and release the names of the involved officer(s) on its own terms.
Multiple law enforcement sources have identified the officer who shot Monterrosa as a veteran member of the police department who had three prior shootings since 2015. The officer, along with several other “witness officers,” were placed on administrative leave after the shooting.
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