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Opinion: Call Yourself a Friend? Then Stop Israel’s West Bank Annexation Disaster



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Israel’s “national emergency government,” forged in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, is on the verge of creating an even greater national emergency if its annexation plan for the West Bank is implemented, as expected, this summer. Only massive international pressure can stop it.

In teaming up with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Gantz has not only reneged on his campaign pledge not to serve in a government headed by an indicted prime minister, but he also has caved to Netanyahu’s demands on annexation of Area C of the West Bank, against his previous, and better, judgment.

Last week, a group of 12 European ambassadors issued a formal protest to Israel over its plans. This week, a group of more than 30 former U.S. national security officials sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee urging the Democratic Party and presidential candidate Joe Biden to loudly oppose Israeli annexation of land in the West Bank. Meanwhile, the White House has indicated support for annexation provided Israel endorses Trump’s peace plan in its entirety.

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