Some Valley residents are still waiting for their $1,200 federal COVID-19 stimulus check to arrive. And government data shows it could take several more weeks for the promised relief money to reach them.

“Paper checks will be issued at a rate of about 5 million per week, which could take up to 20 weeks.” — April 16 House Ways and Means Committee memo

That’s because Visalia and Fresno residents are ranked at the very bottom of the list of Americans who previously set up direct deposit accounts with the IRS, according to the personal finance website MagnifyMoney. Those without direct deposit have to wait for a paper check to show up in their mailbox.

Up to 20 Weeks to Mail Checks

Mailed checks started going out in late April, several weeks after most direct deposit payments were issued. But government officials have said that check printing limitations could result in some payments not arriving for months.

“Paper checks will be issued at a rate of about 5 million per week, which could take up to 20 weeks,” according to an April 16 memo circulated by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Chris Horymski, senior research analyst with MagnifyMoney, says the delay could blunt the benefit the payments were designed to provide.

“There’s a certain percentage of the population nationwide that don’t have either a bank account or are basically using places like check-cashing outlets and Walmart for nearly all of their financial needs.” — financial analyst Chris Horymski 

“Receiving the check eight weeks from now, for instance, won’t be of help if you’ve already passed a point of no return with (the) bills that have arrived in your mailbox,” he said.

Some Recipients Don’t Use Banks

In both Visalia and Fresno, about a quarter of all tax filers received their refund in the mail from the IRS in 2018, Horymski’s research showed. Unless those individuals have since provided their bank account information to the IRS, they will receive their COVID-19 relief payments the same way.

“There’s a certain percentage of the population nationwide that don’t have either a bank account or are basically using places like check-cashing outlets and Walmart for nearly all of their financial needs,” Horymski said

Then, there are those people who just prefer paper checks. “They just don’t like dealing with money electronically as much as younger folks,” Horymski said.

As the days and weeks go on, he said, the impacts are likely to compound. 

“It’s a cascading set of consequences that people may have to concern themselves with, depending on how tight their household cash flow is at the moment.”

Check Stimulus Payment Status with IRS

In a more hopeful sign, the IRS said last week that over 130 million stimulus payments have already been distributed. That’s out of an estimated 150 million in total expected to be sent out — which indicates the process could be moving faster than originally anticipated.

Still, there continues to be considerable chatter on social media about the status of stimulus checks, lower-than-expected payments, and other questions.

The IRS is encouraging people who are still waiting for their check to use the agency’s online “Get My Payment” tool, though reports of problems with the system have been common.

But for many low-income individuals and others who are not required to file tax returns, using the tool is the only way to get a payment . Without providing basic information to the IRS — including a current address — the government cannot issue a check.

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  1. Tammi Shuck

    I vannot get the stimulous check due to tje fact i dont have a pin number that supposedly they sent to me in january, i have no clue whete they sent it but i never received, its becuz i filed identity theft like 5 yeats ago!! I am still paying for this, i cant call the irs so i am just screwed, i have tried the website and you have to have an account number from a revent homr loan, credit card or auto loan which i have none so it sends me all the way back to the beginning, can anyone out there help with my situation? I could really use that checl as i was laid off of my job.

    • Micheal Castle

      I feel your pain! Same thing here!I can’t get anyone too answer me too get my IP pin number so now what do we do just wait for the bills too pile up and be homeless?

  2. Clifton Thomas

    Im 69 years old and on SSI have been for four years now and I have direct deposit with the North Carolina Credit Union I’m a widower and have been for 13 years now and my three daughters live with me they got there money back in April but I guess when your on SSI the IRS say the hell with us.

  3. Rajendrakumar Sheth

    I am Rajendrakumar N Sheth
    I am on Social Security benefit , I am retire US Citizen , till today me and my spouse has not received Corona Relief package of $1200/each
    It was declared in April, 2020 that SSA retirees will get their $1200 — nolatter than early May, than it was declared that it will send on 5 May,2020
    I am waiting very eagerly as We don’t have another income
    Please inform where we will get our $1200?

  4. Sarah Elliott

    I still wait on $1,200 to deposit at my bank account when i check my bank account everyday but its not there. Where’s my stimulus check?

  5. Casey

    The IRS has my address wrong, there is a digit missing in my street address and the address they have does not exist so doing a change of address doesnt work. Since the day the “Get My Payment” tool was launched the status of my stimulus check has been active payment so there hasn’t been an option to enter my bank info or change my address. The post office doesnt have it and the IRS doesnt take calls or emails regarding it. My payment is somewhere and I have no way of finding it or contacting anyone to help find it, and I have not been able to find anything regarding what to do if something like this happens.

  6. Melisa

    Here’s the thing. Many of us updated our Direct deposit information on the first day that the get my payment tool was active (April 15th). And many of us who did NOT encounter any issues still have no check or even a date for deposit. It has been 23 days since we received the message that we are eligible and the money will be direct deposited into the account we added and a date will be provided when available. Even according to the IRS FAQ page we should’ve received SOMETHING by now; be it a deposit date or a check in the mail. And still, nothing. For these people, there have been no answers. No help, and no media coverage. A quick check of social media will show you there are millions of Americans stuck in this particular limbo, and noone seems to have an answer. Its frustrating, and at this point, most of us have passed the point where the money is even enough. These are people in the lowest income brackets. We just need answers.

    • Kevin

      Same here, I sent the IRS two emails now. I didn’t send any personal information but letting them know I have updated dd info and still waiting on a payment date for a month now.

    • Jodi

      This is exactly my situation. Says I am eligible and it will update when a lament date is set. And it will deposit into my bank. I’m so far in debt now and been stressing over this for a month!

  7. Francisco Moreno

    Haven’t recived my stimulus check, I used my emerald card from HR block for my return from the Federal taxes is it going to deposited to the emerald card or mailed

  8. Becky

    It’s May 13. I thought I should have got my stimulus check today. I am on Social Security Disability and have direct deposit. I have no one I can call or ask. All the information online is contradictory. The payment tool does not work. I’m getting nervous! Can someone help me?

  9. Kimberly

    I am on SSI/DISABILITY I have been on it since 2003 and I have direct deposit with Bank of America and still havent recieved my stimulus check I get my benefits with no problem so why havent I recieved the stimulus check I’m getting desperate

  10. Robert

    May 18, 2020 I’m on SSDI,and SSI. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY STIMULUS CHECK. My benefits are direct deposit. The IRS get my payment is a joke. It still gives me no payment status. Please HELP!!

  11. Cora

    Me and my son have the same bank account and we have not received our money yet

    • Bill McEwen

      @IRSNews created a special hotline for taxpayers with questions about their payments. If you have questions, call (800) 919-9835

  12. Jazz

    RECEIVED A DATE OF April 24 to be mailed,No check still

  13. Reuven Lipkind

    The IRS is the worst every. Called waited 45 minutes was dropped twice the person answering could not help transferred me to who could help promptly the line was closed.My check was supposedly two weeks ago received no check or notice.

  14. Louie mendoza

    I havent received my taxes or my stimulus yet
    Nobody seams to be able to answer me on what the hell is taking so long.i had a work related injury on may 15 and the workmans comp check that i get every 2 weeks is not cutting to hear that people are about to get their 2nd stimulus has me pretty upset cause i havent gotten any help in this time of much needed help.

  15. Dwayne

    It’s because Trump have all these businesses millions. He basically gave some of us money to cover up the fact that we have no money left. And the IRS is in on it. Greedy bastards will make sure we pay what we owe but when it’s time to pay us we get screwed over. I haven’t received stimulus or my income taxes.

  16. Tammy

    I sent in a paper return due to no it’s pin number that I could not retreive on line in June 2020 and I still have not heard nothing from the IRS I sent in all kinds of proof of identity but still no word or stimulus and it is now Oct .2020 I feel like I am being punished twice first by someone trying to steal my Identity and now by no stimulus check we all need that money months ago just like everyone else . This is so unfair get my payment says no info available.irs 2 go says my income tax has been rec’d and it has said that for over a month now still no stimulus


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