Allstate insurance said on Monday it will be sending money back to its customers in April and May in response to reduced vehicle travel due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The company says its “Shelter in Place Payback” plan will return about $600 million in premium rebates over the next two months.

“This is fair because less driving means fewer accidents,” said the company’s CEO Tom Wilson in a news release Monday.

A company news release said customers will receive 15% rebates through through a credit to the bank account or credit card they use to make their premium payments.

“We are working with state insurance regulators to move forward expeditiously.”

Other Insurance Providers Offering Rebates

The money back program applies to customers with Allstate, Esurance and Encompass personal auto insurance coverage plans.

Another company, American Family Insurance,  announced a similar program Monday, though that company does not offer coverage in California.

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