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Opinion: Forget Coronavirus. In Israel, the Democracy Virus Will Be Defeated



Israel flags against a blue sky with sun shining through
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“They’re stealing democracy from us,” the demonstrators protesting via their computer screens charged.
The real theft of democracy, the prime minister’s defenders retort, is the High Court of Justice’s intervention in the Knesset’s work by delivering an ultimatum to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein. This intervention will “undermine the status of the High Court and the legal system,” Edelstein said, pulling out the ultimate argument, the doomsday weapons that nobody can stand up against.
In other words, for the sake of the High Court’s honor, we must not obey its orders and instructions. After all, we have to save it from itself, because without it, we won’t have any democracy left.
This rhetorical stunt works well at a time when the state is operating under emergency directives; the Knesset doesn’t exist; supervision of the government is a dead letter; senior bureaucrats are dictating our way of life; the most critical system of all, the health system, is headed by an ayatollah; and this entire orchestra is being conducted by a criminal defendant busy digging escape tunnels for himself.
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