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Tuolumne County Company Builds Machines That Help Produce Coronavirus Test Kits



Photo of a concept for a machine that will help manufacture coronavirus test kits
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A company in Tuolumne County is building machines that will help in the global battle against COVID-19 and looking to hire more local people with mechanical expertise.
Ted Meigs, president and co-founder of Kinematic Automation near Soulsbyville, said he was recently contacted by Hologic Inc., a longtime business partner, to fast track the production of a machine that will be used in the manufacturing process for new coronavirus test kits.
“They reached out to us with a letter that basically said Kinematic would be exempt from any state or federal regulations limiting anything we had to do to support this company from getting this new test on the market as soon as possible,” he said.
Hologic Inc., a medical technology company based in Marlboro, Massachusetts, announced earlier this week that it had gotten emergency approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to move forward with production on the test kits.
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